Broken Arrow’s Premier Training Facility

Designed with every body in mind

A lot of dedication goes into getting fit and achieving optimal health. Ideal CrossFit takes some of that burden off your shoulders by offering the most diverse class options with the most experienced and knowledgeable coaches in the area. All you have to do is show up. Let us provide you with a template designed to get you moving better, feeling better and looking your best, all in an upscale, exciting package!

We believe that a huge part of living a happy, fulfilling life is having the physical mental fitness to do the things you truly love, with the people you love. And for that, we have various programs to help you achieve your vision of fitness. Whether to lose weight, gain lean muscle or significant mass, build the endurance to run your first race, or get ahead of the competition in your specific sport of choice, we provide the means for you to achieve it.

Our community is diverse. We represent people from all walks of life -- from those just starting out, those on the road to reversing illness, others with prior athletic experience, and those who just enjoy being active, we have them all. We welcome you to come check out the best fitness community around.

It's better to look ahead and prepare, than to look back and regret.

Jackie Joyner-Kersee

Reveal the best version of you.

Our Training Facility

Ideal CrossFit's brand new, upscale 3,000 sq.ft. facility is designed with the best equipment available in CrossFit and strength training. CrossFit is "constantly varied" by definition so our facility is chock full of fun (and maybe a little torturous, in a good way) toys and gear that allows us to keep our workouts fun, diverse and never boring. Each piece and type of equipment serves a functional purpose so we're equipped with only the effective, and nothing extraneous. Let our modern minimalist space be your training sanctuary where you can focus on your goals and leave everything else behind for an hour of each day. We welcome you to make Ideal CrossFit your second home, the community your second family, and take advantage of everything we have to offer.

  • Ideal is full of positive, fun and inspirational people and through osmosis you will learn to be consistent, persevere and work hard with a smile.


  • It turns out that I really don't really have as many limitations as I thought - I just needed to get stronger. After just a few months of Crossfit, I feel stronger and healthier than I have in years. I love the feeling of accomplishment that I get when I push myself to do something that I couldn't do before.


  • I am stronger, look better, move better, eat better, and just over all happier. I was falling into a rut before coming to Ideal CrossFit, it has improved my life to an extent that I never imagined it would. Each individual takes away their own experience, and I can not speak highly enough of mine with the members, the coach, and Ideal CrossFit in general.